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The winds of March are keen and cold;
I fear them not, for I am bold.
I wait not for my leaves to grow;
They follow after: they are slow.
My yellow blooms are brave and bright;
I greet the Spring with all my might.

The Song of the Colt's Foot Fairy – Cicely Mary Barker

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The perils and pitfalls of the promotional tour

On Being a Writer


I know two kinds of writers: those who love nothing better than to hit the road to promote their latest novel, and those who tremble at the mere thought of it...

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Where I  Write


Where the magic happens. I have a lovely booklined study where I write, it’s a room that has a very ‘blingy gold’ theme to it and with a hint of Japan to remind myself of my youngest son who lives in Tokyo.

For a change of scene to shake things up, which is invariably a good idea to refresh the writing process, I also write at...

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