Where I  Write...

I have a lovely booklined study where I write, it’s a room that has a very ‘blingy gold’ theme to it and with a hint of Japan to remind myself of my youngest son who lives in Tokyo.

The room overlooks the courtyard area of my garden where I can look out at the many hydrangeas and acers I have growing in pots. I can also watch the birds on the feeders in the cherry tree too, which all sounds very distracting, but somehow it isn’t, instead it helps me to relax and feel inspired.

For a change of scene to shake things up, which is invariably a good idea to refresh the writing process, I also write at the kitchen table. This is where I always work when I’m going through the copyedited manuscript or when I’m proofreading.

Another place where I like to write is in my summerhouse. Trevor, my long-suffering builder and decorator, painted the exterior and interior for me, installed lights and even laid some fancy oak flooring. I love writing in this cosy space as I can listen to the birds singing while I write and enjoy the sensation of being part of the garden, even on a wet or coolish day.

Of course, in the summer when the weather is good my favourite place to write is in the garden, whether it’s in the cool shade of the courtyard or on the lawn with tea and cake to hand. That’s when I know I have the best job in the world!

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